Die Verwandlung in den zornigen Dakini

Noch eine Yoga-Übung für Fortgeschrittene:

‚Uttering Phat! visualize thyself as having become, instan- taneously, A radiant white skeleton of enormous size, whence issueth flames, So great that they fill the voidness of the Universe, And consume, in particular, the habitations of the genii and daemons; And that, finally, both skeleton and flames vanish as doth a flash of light. [All the while] keep thy mind quiescent.

This practice affordeth supreme protection against infectious diseases. If instantaneously-occurring phenomena come not at the right moment, Or if malignant spirits need to be brought to bay, Thereupon visualize thyself as having been transformed [instantaneously] into the Wrathful Dakini; And, [as before], that thou strippest the hide from thy body (which is the dregs of thy egoism), And spreadest it out so that it covereth the Third-Void Universe, And upon it heapest up all thy bones and flesh.

Then, when the malignant spirits are in the midst of enjoying the feast, Imagine that the Wrathful Dakini taketh the hide and rolleth it up, And, tying it together with serpents and intestines as ropes, Twirleth it around her head and dasheth it down forcibly, Reducing it and all its contents to a mass of bony and fleshly pulp, Upon which many mentally-produced wild beasts feed; And think that these leave not the smallest bit of it undevoured.‘

Aus: W. Y. Evans-Wentz: Tibetan Yoga and secret Doctrines. (PDF, S. 378 im PDF bzw. 329 im Original)

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